Book a Maya Maya Makeover letting us know which of the following is relative to you and your life.

Girls shopping day out, Casual, comfortable and stylish looks.

Cocktails, for sexy and glamorous looks.

A graduation.  Elegant, classic and stylish.

Work, smart casual yet professional.

Holiday, casual, cruising or beach.

Let us put some outfits together for you, and if you have a couple of favourite pieces, bring them in too, lets see if we can re-envigorate them for you. 

We will even do your make up for you, if required, and take some lovely pictures of your dress up experience. Book a Maya Maya makeover by calling 01539 737366.

Grace’s Makeover

Grace Scott, from www.meaningfulmarketing.org was given a makeover including five looks by Leanne from Maya Maya

I came into Maya Maya on a Friday morning not really knowing what to expect, but I knew I would be in good hands! Amanda, Leanne, and Bev had carefully considered my lifestyle and the necessary practicalities that I needed my outfits to reflect. From the start, I was taken care of by being offered a drink and then having my make up done by the talented Leanne. I felt at ease from the beginning and really enjoyed myself from start to finish. Here’s a look at all the outfits and my final thoughts on the experience.

Grace Scott
“My before picture. As I usually work from home, I tend to dress in comfortable clothes that I can quickly run out the door in. I don’t usually spend much time on my outfits so I was looking forward to seeing how Maya Maya would help style me in outfits reflective of my lifestyle!”
Look 1: Shopping with Mum
“I loved this look for two reasons: it was comfortable and included a colour I’d never normally think of. I was really impressed by how relaxed and stylish an outfit could be. I’d definitely wear this and my mum has approved of the look!”
Look 2: Meeting Clients
“I work as a freelance marketer and the one time I do dress up is to meet clients. First impressions are vital and this was a great look for work while still managing to have some personality in it and not be too dull!”
Look 3: Date Night
“This was definitely my favourite look. I love how the dress manages to be sexy and feminine yet still subtle. It was my boyfriend’s favourite look too!”
Look 4: A Day at the Races
“Pink, much like orange, is a colour I’d never normally go for. I was taken aback by how much I liked it! I’m also next to the lovely Leanne here, who helped style me throughout the day.”
Look 5: Cocktails with the Girls
“This was the final look. My favourite part of this look is the trousers. I really liked the polka dot print as a way to make some simple trousers more interesting and still be really versatile.”

The team are so friendly and professional, and their expertise are very apparent. For my first outfit, Leanne was able to find me a perfect fitting pair of jeans without even knowing my size. I also learnt a lot of new colours and shapes that I’d never normally gravitate towards! I’d recommend Maya Maya to anyone looking for occasion wear, a capsule wardrobe, or even just to treat themselves.

Grace Scott

Book a Maya Maya makeover by calling 01539 737366.