Maya Maya April News

Hello everyone and welcome to Maya Maya’s April news.

Before anything else I would like to share with you all just how grateful I am every day for what a wonderful place I live and work in, not just Maya Maya but Kendal, Cumbria, The lakes, Wow. Having spent some of my formative years living in ‘very different circumstances in good old Brum” I am grateful for every minute of every day that I live where I do. I remember being old enough to be amazed by the first real life Cow I saw, it seemed HUGE! Bless, I was only little. And now its close the windows they are muck spreading…eeuuuwwww and gosh look at all those daffodils. There will never be anywhere else for me.

So, what’s happening in Maya Maya World?

We have a New Website. Please take the time to have a look at our new website Im very pleased with it, I think it really shows off who we are, as much as what we are, beautifully. Thanks to Grace at Meaningful Marketing for her expertise.

Maya Maya MAN. Some of the remaining MAN stock is now available in our SALE room on the first floor at Maya Maya. Shirts, waistcoats, jeans and more. I already can see that it was the right decision for us to ‘rightsize’ and focus on ladies wear. People keep asking if we dropped menswear because it didn’t do well, no, menswear did ok. I just needed to refocus on our core product. Being the only buyer and managing both businesses, plus the Salon for a time, simply became too much of a task and was no longer fun to be honest. So, Maya Maya has been restructured and I’m feeling the love again….xxx

Staff. Its been great to have Bev back, it was a tough time for us all whilst Bev was poorly but she’s back and according to the doctors, she’s normal (2nd opinion needed I think, ha ha ha ha). The team is settled with me, Bev and Leanne, but we still really need someone who can work on a part time basis with us. You know the score, creative, fun, good personality, sense of humour, know anyone? Email me at

So, the important stuff. The new spring collections.

We have just taken delivery of the Soya Concept casual spring summer collection. Think, crop pants, tee shirts, soft knits, slouchy tops, soft stretch jeans, think great holiday wear, all at their normal competitive prices, from around £29.00. Pale blues, good old white, oranges and lemons (isn’t that a song!?) Worth a look and to kick start your summer holiday wear wardrobe, if you mention this you can have 20% OFF all new spring summer collections from Soya concept, from now until the end of April.

Our usual select pieces from Bitte kai Rand, Naya, Sahara, James Lakeland to name but a few are here to be lusted after, we are doing quite a lot of that ourselves currently! I am mainly lusting after ALL of our new Owen Barry Handbags, problem is people keep buying my favourites! (Jean!!) These are to die for, I genuinely love and want them all!

Want a special gift for someone – ta dah!

Masai, the new Masai collection is now in, many of you have been asking when it was due. Going forward, all our Masai has 10% off, the only thing you have to do for the discount is mention our Masai offer.

Occasion wear, hats and fascinators. We have had a great start to the occasion wear season. Mothers of Brides/Grooms, wedding guests, meeting the Queen! We have created some stunning outfits. We now offer the opportunity to book an appointment for your personal dressing experience. So if you are looking, (ps its already quite late) don’t leave it much longer. Don’t forget, you can hire hats and fascinators if you choose. Going to Cartmel races? Want to be the best dressed? Come see us and always remember to send us your photographs from events#lookinggoodinmayamaya.

SALE ROOM. With our ‘rightsizing’ task recently completed, it is important that we keep turning our SALE stock over at a regular pace so for those of you who missed our half of SALE price offer, and as we are well and truly into spring now, this week,, ending Saturday 13th April, everything BLACK in the SALE ROOM isHALF OF SALE PRICE. So, here’s a couple of examples….little black dress, was £189.00, SALE price £89.00 this week reduced to £44.50! Black jacket, was £79. SALE PRICE £49, now £24.50! There are various pairs of black trousers too!!! Everyone needs black in their wardrobe!! So, This Week, ending Saturday 13th April. Its our BLACKOUT SALE come help us clear some space.

Down Your High Street.

Some of you may already be aware of Downyourhighstreet. It is a platform for which independent retailers, such as us, can advertise their wares, to a wider audience. Please take a look any maybe follow the site on social media. We will be trying the site out with some of our products in the very near future, so keep an eye out for us.

Easter opening hours. Good Friday and Easter Saturday open normal hours, 10am till 5pm. Easter Sunday, Easter Monday Closed.

Thats it for now, look forward to seeing you all soon and don’t forget to tag us in your #lookinggoodinmayamaya pics on social media.

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See you soon… Amanda, Leanne and Bev.

Maya Maya March News

Hello everyone and welcome to our March Newsletter.

The refit is complete (Thank goodness!!), Well that was a week!! (It was actually 3 crammed into 1) However it’s all done, we are now consolidated into one unit, there will be no more Maya Maya MAN. Any remaining Maya Maya MAN stock is available to view in our permanent SALE Room on our first floor.

Our First floor SALE room (previously the salon) now has a great selection of Ladies SALE items with the current march offer being Buy one, get a 2nd sale item at half of the sale price. Lots of choice, some occasion wear too.

I am loving the shop again, its feeling cosy and happy and is looking super colourful. Bev is back at work full time and once again, we have a full team. We are still looking for another team member to work on a part time basis with us, so if you know of anyone??. You know the type, creative, great interpersonal skills whilst being a little bit nuts helps. 😉

Occasion season is well under way and we have already dressed many Mothers of Brides, wedding guests, created drop dead gorgeous racing outfits and even dressed some ladies for visits to the Palace to meet the Queen! We are always delighted to see you at any time, however, it might be worthwhile making an appointment for any occasion outfits so we can give you the time you deserve. You can call us on 01539 737366 to make an appointment. For the first time this season we have stunning occasion wear from Veni Infantino by Ronald Joyce. We also have lots of choice from our usual brands and don’t forget you can buy or Hire hats from us.

Holiday season is also well under way and our new spring/summer collections are proving to be very popular. We have our tried and trusted brands in stock, Naya, James Lakeland, Soya, Zilch, Bitte Kai Rand, Masai, Personal choice plus some new styles from Sahara and NoLogo Chic with their gorgeous Linen print dresses that are already flying out.

We have a selection of Plus Size brands in store too, from casual holiday wear to special occasion.

Atom Label is a new brand that’s also due in, how can I describe it? Hmmmmn? Sexy! Ruched, figure hugging, jersey, gorgeousness!!! Slim or curvy, this is a great brand for everyone. Dresses, jumpsuits, maxis, we love them all!

I am loving our new brand, Owen Barry. Super soft leather, great colours, bags, purses and leather accessories, great gifts (for onesself!)


Many of you came to our Fashion Show, in aid of Cancer Care, last November, we are now well on our way to a new target of £20,000. Our original target was £10,000 so we are delighted with our progress so far, thank you to everyone who has helped in our fund raising.

We are currently working on our new website and hopefully, by the time you read this newsletter, you will be able to take a look at

Finally, Don’t forget your loyalty points and loyalty cards, if you don’t have one please ask in store. You can earn up to £100 back for shopping with us at Maya Maya.

That’s it for now, hope to see you soon, Amanda, Leanne and Bev. x